General Terms for bicycle rent

  1. Renter is obliged to deliver bicycle clean and in correct shape. Customer is obliged to pay rent according to renter's Price List . Begining and end of usage (day and hour) will be agreed by parties.
  2. Customer is obliged to preserve bicycle and use it only for ride, and may not give it to third person.
  3. Customer is responsible for every damage made on bicycle, and also for eventually theft.
  4. In case of causing damage to third person , responsible will be exclusively customer.
  5. Customer is using his bike exclusively at his responsibility; renter is not responsible for any material or non-material damage occured to customer by using a bicycle.
  6. By signinig renter's General Terms and Price List, customer acknowledges it, together with this Contract.
  7. Parties are agreed to solve all disputes that occure from this contract agreabily; if not,they choose competence of Municipial Court in Zagreb.

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